All Saints Lutheran Church (ASLC)

Purpose Statement

All Saints Lutheran Church (ASLC), a vibrant Community of Christian Disciples, welcomes all who yearn to encounter God. Following the teachings and examples of Christ, we nurture all people while looking to see Jesus in each other. We celebrate God’s presence in our midst weekly through open communion and joyful worship. We encourage the building of relationships through ministries and small group activities. We are intentional about inspiring everyone to develop closer walks with our Lord through spiritual growth and deliberate stewardship of all gifts. We serve our multi-community region with Christian compassion and empathy. We offer prayer, healing and support to those in spiritual, emotional or physical need.

Vision Statement

We will work together as one congregation to further the work of the kingdom;
- By encouraging each individual to discover and use their God given material and spiritual gifts for the good of all
-By strengthening all small group ministries so that relationships within the congregation grow in love and service
-By renewing our commitment to love one another with cheerfulness, patience and joy

Church Council & Committees

2024 Leadership Team

Co-Presidents- Marta Schick & Josie Purcell

Vice President - Liesl Schick

Secretary - LouAnne Audette

Treasurer - Rick Mann

Christian Education - Shannon Hammond

Congregational Life - Judy Kniaz

Evangelism - Julia Keller

Property - Richard Sommers

Social Concerns - Jennifer Hardy

Stewardship - Sonja Markwart

Worship & Music - Melanie Kahl

ELCA - Evangelical Lutheran Church of America

What we believe

All Saints Lutheran Church is part of the ELCA -SE Michigan Synod. Learn more at the ELCA website.

the Reverend Denise Russell

160 1 20150601Denise

Pastor Denise has worked tirelessly during the pandemic to continue the mission of All Saints Lutheran Church (ASLC) leading the way into the digital age. ASLC now offers LIVE streaming worship on YouTube as well as offering a dynamic in person worship style. Pastor Denise has worked with church council to invest in a hospitality culture within the church so ALL feel welcome regardless of personal situation.

Pastor Denise's passion towards families shows in her optimism and commitment towards an array of family counseling ministries such as pre-marriage or the creation of the 'PRAY GROUND"- a kid friendly play area within the worship space. This truly creates a family friendly focus allowing parents to be part of church worship.