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All Saints Lutheran Church

All Saints Lutheran Church, a vibrant Community of Christian Disciples, welcomes all who yearn to encounter God. Following the teachings and examples of Christ, we nurture all people while looking to see Jesus in each other.

We celebrate Godís presence in our midst weekly through open communion and joyful worship. We encourage the building of relationships through ministries and small group activities. We are intentional about inspiring everyone to develop closer walks with our Lord through spiritual growth and deliberate stewardship of all gifts. We serve our multi-community region with Christian compassion and empathy. We offer prayer, healing and support to those in spiritual, emotional or physical need.

We will work together as one congregation to further the work of the kingdom;
- By encouraging each individual to discover and use their God given material and spiritual gifts for the good of all
-By strengthening all small group ministries so that relationships within the congregation grow in love and service
-By renewing our commitment to love one another with cheerfulness, patience and joy


Christian Education Committee

The Christian Education Committee seeks to grow each congregational memberís understanding of God Word through group study, individual study and community activity. We intend to encourage its implementation in each memberís daily living. We intend to utilize Christian Education as a tool to connect our members more closely to each other as the body of Christ.

VISION STATEMENT (3 year focus)
This committee will work to understand and spread Godís Word through education by:
-Establishing a committee with representatives from all education groups who meet regularly (at least quarterly) to execute Vision and Purpose Statements.
-Establishing a methodology to encourage a consistent theme by each education group for each year based on the Lutheran liturgical calendar.
-Growing congregational community through small group education.
-Staying engaged with the congregationís social media presence.


Evangelism Committee

The Committee of Evangelism spreads Christís Good News by word and deed. We are committed to renewing and growing our understanding of what this means, and to leading our congregation to understand and live this good news in each otherís lives and in our community.

VISION STATEMENT (3 year focus)
This committee will work to understand and spread the good news by:
-Establishing a regular committee with at least quarterly meetings.
-Continuing ongoing community outreach programs.
-Seeking knowledge on evangelism from books, seminars, online information and any other available means.
-Staying engaged with the congregationís social media presence.

Property Committee

The Property Committee maintains a welcoming presence to all individuals who enter the grounds, church building and associated properties of ASLC. Planning and preparations of renovations, repairs and electronic updates are done behind the scenes to ensure the health and safety of all. All property operations are completed in the existing space for the benefit of the ASLC family and the general activities held on our premises.

VISION STATEMENT (3 year focus)
The Property Committee pledges to further the purpose and mission of All Saints by:
-Preparing a standard of all annual safety checks and agreements for property maintenance.
-Creating a standardized form for inventory checks and balances for all ASLC committees.
-Providing January updates of inventory with assistance of all committee chairs.
-Maintaining a program of checks and balances to all electronic equipment (overhead projector, computer system, etc.).
-Maintaining building security checks (Guardian Security Co).
-Providing ongoing building maintenance and updates.

Social Concerns Ministry

The mission of the Social Concerns Ministry is to develop and strengthen relationships with God and each other by providing opportunities to serve and reach out to our community and beyond for Christ.

VISION STATEMENT (3 year focus)
Social Concerns will serve God by using our gifts and talents to benefit others, by adjusting our time to care for and meet the needs of others and by loving our neighbors and partnering with them in addressing their needs.


Worship and Music Committee

The Worship and Music team ensures that every worship service at All Saints Lutheran Church is as engaging and meaningful as possible for all. We do this with our commitment to welcoming all for open communion at each Sunday worship service, by planning seasonally appropriate and directed worship and by consistently acknowledging our Lutheran heritage, history and traditions while refusing to be limited by them. We are pledged to encourage and equip all those willing to share their gifts in any aspect of worship to which they feel called.

VISION STATEMENT (3 year focus)
WAMO will work to further the purpose and mission of All Saints:
-By strengthening the small groups that fall within it and spearheading new ones as needs arise.
-By working with our DLM to ascertain that all who have gifts appropriate to worship and music matters are accepted, welcomed, equipped and nurtured.
-By willingness to constantly reassess needs and provide new worship opportunities as they seem needed (e.g., worship for a growing demographic, ecumenical/community worship, more frequent occasional services or additional Sunday or Saturday Divine Services).
-By looking for and encouraging and subsidizing our worship and music leaders and staff in educational opportunities that will benefit the greater body of All Saints.


Congregational Life Committee

The purpose of this committee is to involve the people of the congregation and the community in the work of Christ, provide for their spiritual growth and to nurture and promote Christian fellowship. The committee shall initiate and implement regular social activities throughout the year.

VISION STATEMENT (3 year focus)
The Congregational Life Committee will work to strengthen Christian fellowship of the people of the congregation by hosting events during the year such as progressive dinners, potluck meals, picnics, cookie receptions and new member/disciple luncheons.

We will continue to involve and promote the congregation and the community in working together in Christian fellowship with events like ďSparks in the ParkĒ and ďHeritage Days.Ē


Managing a Christian Lifestyle-Stewardship Committee

Create ongoing experiences that educate and challenge us and our brothers and sisters in Christ that inspire us to grow in our faith.

VISION STATEMENT (3 year focus)
-Strengthen our small groups by highlighting one ministry each month.
-Develop a two year rolling calendar for planning communication, etc.
-Develop an annual fall campaign.
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