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Healing Service - May 26 at 7:00 PM

This service contains gentle music, a time of quiet meditation, anointing, and prayer led by Pastor Denise. A time for private, confidential prayer, with pastor, as you desire, will conclude the worship.

The Nazareth Experience

Have you ever wondered what life was like when Jesus was a boy? What did he eat? What were his day to day chores? What did he do for fun? What was it like to study the Torah?

The answer to these questions can be discovered in June, right here in Hartland, Galilee! NO, that is not a typo. All Saints Lutheran Church will be transformed into the town of Nazareth, very much like where Jesus and his family lived. You will be able to experience, first hand, what life was like. Eat the same type of food Mary would have prepared for her family. Participate in the daily duties of the women and men, from maintaining a household to studying the Torah. Learn how to spell your name in Greek and make sandals! Join the weaving party with the women or learn to carve from the Master Carvers!

Travel to ASLC, starting June 14 at 6:30 in the evening, to join in the Nazareth Experience! Return each evening through the 18th for the full Nazareth Experience. Everyone is welcome to join the tour, come as family, come as an individual, no age restriction. You donít need to pack any clothes, just bring a desire to learn and have fun.

Women's Bible Study

All women are welcome to attend the Wednesday morning Bible Study led by Pastor Denise. The ladies meet each Wednesday morning in the All Saints library at 10:00 am.
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